Shining Wizards N I N E

Warning: There is an awful echo and I don’t know why, sounds like we are in a steel drum (we will get it cleared up. promise).

It’s the 9 Year Anniversary of The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast. We all booked surprise guests to celebrate 9 years and didn’t tell each other who we booked. We started the show with Finlands over Mikko Maestro, followed up by Duke the Dumpster Droese, and Chris Hammrick. We had a little break as the 7:45 guest didn’t call in before we were joined by Impact’s Brian Myers, before ending the guests with ICON Lee. We talk a little ROH, MLW, Survivor Series, play games, talk about our 9 years as a show, who we tried to get, and so much more. It’s a hell of a time and the perfect way for us to celebrate 9 years.


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