Shining WIzards Quarantine Content 002: No Holds Barred early script review and read with Dave “Mega” Powers

Tony had a conversation with Dave over the weekend, and Dave happened to mention that he had an early version of the script to “No Holds Barred,” the movie that became a classic to wrestling fans in the late 80s. You know the one, starring Hulk Hogan and “Tiny” Lister as Zeus? Anyway, he suggested to Tony that they actually read it and do some analysis. The guys don’t read the whole script; however, they go through a lot of the early draft and cover scenes that were changed and scenes that were deleted. Remember Rip recording a commercial for diapers? Yeah, we didn’t, either. But it’s in the script! So many more surprises are within thin gem. Check it out!

If you’d like to read along and watch the video, Click Here.

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