The Mark Order Podcast 004: Baseball and Battle

It’s Wednesday Night, You Know What That Means

The crew is back and ready to entertain. After catching up with each other the crew somehow gets on to talking about baseball, and they name their top 3 baseball movies, then thanks to the Facebook Live feed go down a strange rabbit hole of baseball movies.

Finally we shift gears into the world of AEW.

Can AEW maintain 1 million viewers a week?

Live shows in July?

Why isn’t AEW talking about Impact’s PPV this weekend?

Anything of note from AEW Dark Elevation or Dark

After a commercial break we get the rankings, but this time, Matt raps them. Oh its bad, but you gotta listen, there is some potential.

The crew then of course, takes a deep dive into AEW Dynamite.

Find out what matches they loved, segments they hated, and much more. Tons of talk about the Women’s Division, Blood and Guts, and much more

This is a must listen to show for the AEW fan.

The Mark Order Podcast 004

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