Turnbuckle Throwbacks 380: Stan’s Spooky Snot Rocket

Chops has the night off, but Jay and Phil keep the ghouls and goblin marks in check by reminding them the importance of voting and why they should do it! Why Dave Meltzer and his ratings are still a thing. Reviewing last weeks WWE “HIAC” event and how important Roman Reigns is to Smackdown’s brand. Covering the weekly shows including NXT’s “Halloween Havoc” and AEW’s road to their “Full Gear” PPV. NXT UK’s MOTY candidate between WALTER & Ilya Dragunov. NJPW returns this weekend with their road to “Power Struggle” This weeks Throwback is WCW’s “Halloween Havoc” from October of 1990.

Turnbuckle Throwbacks 380

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