Turnbuckle Throwbacks 382: Dunne Well

As the boys prepare to hunker down for another possible lockdown from COVID-19, The show is moving to another location locally. The show however must go on as an opening tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero who past away 15 years ago this weekend. An off air discussion about politics gives the boys a small shimmer of hope for the future of humanity. Phil gives a spot on Robert Smith from the “Cure” impression. Zelena Vega done with WWE after bringing up the “U” word to her public on Twitch. All the weekly show updates reviewing the AEW “Full Gear” PPV and AEW announcing a new video game in the works. NXT on fire lately and Sasha Banks appearing on The Mandolorian this week. AJPW bringing a six man title to their fed. NJPW’s “World Tag League” and “BOTSJ” starts up this weekend. 30 days of the Undertaker on the WWE network showing love to Paul’s Bearer’s “Mortician” documentary. The “FU” wrestler of the week segment returns as Ronnie Garvin once again running down the name of Dusty Rhodes and Phil wasn’t having ANY of it. This weeks Throwback is ECW’s “November To Remember” from November of 2000.

Turnbuckle Throwbacks 382

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