Wrestling Night in Canada 004: Piledriver – The Episode

The worlds of pro wrestling and heavy music have always been close bedfellows. Not only just as cool ring entrance music (i.e. the ominous tones of”Iron Man” as the Roadies stormed the ring), but a multitude of other aspects as well (i.e. Erick Rowan’s T shirt collection). All the way to wrestling terminologies making great band names. Huh?? Well, case in point – “Piledriver”. As awesome (predominantly) 80s Heavy Metal artist. “Figure Four” was a cool hardcore band in the 90s. So your “Four Horsemen Of The Apodcalypse” thought they’d test their Metal and come up with our own band names from the rich lexicon of pro wrestling. Gorilla Position…One Winged Angel, anyone? As well we go the highs and lows in the world of wrasslin’ including the Impact/TNA title sitch, the TNT title finals, M.I.T.B., and Kamille speaks!!! So sit back, grab a cold one and Giv’R!

Wrestling Night in Canada 004

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