Wrestling Night in Canada 005: Preggy Lynch

It’s amazing how one woman’s reproduction choice can shake up the wrestling world. Of course, it helps that it’s the industry’s biggest star. Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement and title vacancy, for good or bad, got tongues wagging and forum boards lit up. And your “Four Horsemen of The Apodcalypse” have an opinion…or four. It also inspired this episode’s discussion topic of the three fundamentals of a pro wrestler. As well, we present our very first interview!! The No Ring Death Match is making waves amongst the pro wrestling underbelly. Over big time in this area is Casanova Valentine. We got Mr. Valentine on the horn to discuss the whys and wherefores of this controversial part of our beloved sport. and we just got to know a really cool guy. So grab a beer and enjoy the week that was in Pro Wrestling!

Wrestling Night in Canada 005

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