Wrestling Night in Canada 006: A Hart On

Recently the world of wrasslin’ suffered thru an anniversary of one of it’s darkest chapters. May 23rd will always go down infamy as the day we lost the great Owen Hart. To coincide with this tragedy, “The Dark Side Of The Ring” series used this for it’s highest rated episode yet. WNIC has chosen to use this anniversary to celebrate the awesomeness that was, and still is, “The King Of Harts”. From time to time we’re going to drop our “Spotlight” episodes. Where we’re going to focus our attention on one particular wrestler and giving our 2 cents on some key categories. And of course, we go deep into his demise and sound off on the HOF situation. As well, we dissect the smozz that was the AEW “Double or Nothing” PPV. So saddle up to the bar. Pour a bevy (be it a whiskey or milk) and join your Four Horsemen of the Apodcalypse.

Wrestling Night in Canada 006

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