Wrestling Night in Canada 009: JerichRow

This episode of “Wrestling Night In Canada” sees your favourite hosers playing catch with some of the major cards lately. We give the once over and our 2 cents to NXT’s “Great American Bash”, Impact’s “Slammaversary”, and the truly horror(ible) Extreme Rules. For our “Turnbuckle Talk’, there could only be one topic. We’re all heavy music fans. Kind of the show’s gimmick. And fans of both Chris Jericho and 80s rockers Skid Row. So of course the recent twitter battle between “Le Champion’ and Sebastian Bach captured our imaginations and got our tongues wagging. So crack a beer and join your “Four Horsemen Of The A-Pod-calypse”! Horns Up And Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 009

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