Wrestling Night in Canada 010: Deathamania

Your hoser hosts of WNIC each bring their own stuff to the table. Snowy is the old timer. Matt has a good grip on the current “product”. and Ducky likes to venture deep into wrasslin’s underground. So this episode sees us giving our whys and wherefores on the recent “King Of The Death Match” tournament! A brutal two day tourney thats more gladiator barbarism than sport. And it featured our alum Casanova Valentine. As well, we go over some recent controversies such as Eric Bischoff in AEW and Tessa Blanchard pulling a Jarrett and holding up the Impact title belt. Finally, for career longevity, it’s important for a wrestler to evolve and progress. So for our “Turnbuckle Talk”, we go over some of those that perfected the reinvention of their characters including DDP and “Le Champion”. So crack a cold one and join your “Four Horsemen of the A-POD-calypse”. Horns up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 010

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