Wrestling Night in Canada 013: We Just Made Our List!!

For a variety of reasons, Chris Jericho is our homie! First off, he’s a good Canadian boy. More specifically from our hometown of Winnipeg (you idiots!). As well, he was cut from the same heavy music scene cloth that we were. So of course, we’ve been following “Le Champion” from his humble indie roots to owning Wednesday night US cable TV. So when it was announced Mr. Jericho was celebrating his 30th (!!!) anniversary in the ring, we had to jump on it. In our “Turnbuckle Talk”, we “List” all our personal highs regarding Jericho. When we first discovered him, meeting the man, and seeing him live. As well, we dissect the WWE draft and review Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport” PPV. So grab a cold one and join your “Four Horsemen Of The APODcalypse”!!

Wrestling Night in Canada 013

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