Wrestling Night in Canada 017: “The Big Reveal”

One of the life’s blood of pro wrestling has been the “The Big Reveal”. The build up of an angle with an air of mystery. Something big is going down and it has fans captivated. Hopefully, ‘The Big Reveal’ gets a huge pop and goes over big. But sometimes it doesn’t. This week on “Turnbuckle Talk”, we remember some of the more memorable reveals, good or bad. Who was “The Greater Power”? The mystery Horsemen? And WTF is a gobbilty gooker?? As well, we go through NXT’s “WarGames”, Game Changer Wrestling’s “Slime Season”, The Omega/Impact sitch, and STING!!! Of course, we pay tribute to the legendary Pat Patterson. So grab a cold one and join your Four Horsemen of The APODcalypse. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 017

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