Wrestling Night in Canada 018: Grinch McMahon

Welcome to our very unreasonable facsimile of a holiday episode. It’s not that we’re not feeling the Christmas Spirit. There’s just so much going on the wonderful world of Wrasslin’ that we’re still focused on the Squared Circle as opposed to some fat man’s annual home invasions. First up we do our blow by blow account of the TLC event. As well, we dissect our first TripleMania. AAA has once again gotten our attention. Finally ICW put on their final event of 2020. One of the biggest happenings of the year was the return of Sting! So now is a good time to share our personal once over own Sting’s storied career. From the early Blad Runner/UWF territory daze all the way to the disastrous WWE run. “It’s Sting!” “It’s Sting!” “It’s Sting!” So grab a cold one and join your Four Horsemen of the APODcalypse. Ho! Ho! Holy Shit!

Wrestling Night in Canada 018

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