Wrestling Night in Canada 019: 2020 – Goodbye, Farewell and Eff You!!

This latest episode of WNIC was easy enough to book. Right now there is only two things of importance in the Wrasslin’ world. First up, Mr. Brodie Lee. The wrestling community is saddened by the loss of this great man. He was/is so universally respected the outpouring of emotion is staggering. Those same emotions were felt in the WNIC offices as well. So we took the time to pay tribute to the “The Exalted One”. As well, 2020 is in our rear view mirror. All that’s left is to share our “Best Of…” picks for this Effed up year. We start this soon to be annual episode with the basic categories most important to mat fans: Wrestler, Match, Event, etc; So grab a beer and join your Four Horsemen of the Apodcalypse bring in the New Year. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 019

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