Wrestling Night in Canada 020: Four More

We started this program by introducing your hosts with the old standard of sharing our “Mount Rushmore” of pro wrestling. But it’s not just the wrestlers that make up this one ring circus. You got your managers. You got your promoters. You got your announcers. Some of these capture as much attention and contribute as much to the overall presentation as their in ring counterparts. So we decided we’d show our support with a Mt. Rushmore dedicated to these individuals. As well, we’re getting our competitive juices flowing. Every PPV/special event we’re going to give our individual picks/predictions. Our own “Three Way Dance” over the airwaves, starting with Impact’s “Hard To Kill”. Finally, we go the WWE’s latest covid situation and their distancing themselves from trump. So grab a cold one and join your “Four Horsemen Of The Apodcalypse”. Horns up and Stay Healthy!!

Wrestling Night in Canada 020

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