Wrestling Night in Canada 023: Special (?) Guest Star

The use of celebrity guests on a special event is nothing new to the Wraslin’ World. From the early appearance of the legendary Mahammad Ali in Japan and the myriad of guests at the early “Manias all the way to today. Now with the angles featuring Bad Bunny (huh??) and Shaq capturing headlines, it’s time to focus this episode’s “Turnbuckle Talk” to special guest appearances of the past. From the Great to the downright Brutal, we go over some of our faves and not so faves. Andy Kauffman is turning in his grave!! As well, we go over NXT’s “Vengeance” and give our picks for WWE’s “Elimination Chamber”. And most importantly, we pay our tribute to the late, great “Hacksaw” Butch Reed! So grab a beer and join you “Four Horsemen Of The APODcalypse.” Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 023

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