Wrestling Night in Canada 028: More Horsemen

The original NWA Four Horsemen were the epitome of the wrestling “faction”. The idea was to bring together the top heels of the territory with the same philosophy. For the first few years, it was pure mat magic. But as Crockett promotions began to give way to WCW, the magic fizzled. More and more new members were added that just didn’t first the mold. Almost tragic considering the amount of talent that would have fit nicely. So this time around we put on our fantasy booker caps and came up with some “Perfect” members. Would’ve made a helluva stable too. Also, we go over Impact’s “Rebellion” PPV, AEw’s “Blood and Guts” match and the Micki James/garbage bag sitch. So grab a cold one and join your Four Horsemen Of The APODcaylpse. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 028

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