Wrestling Night in Canada 029: Flying Bri Again

The new season of “The Dark Side Of The Ring” is off and running. At this writing, we’re three episodes in with the life and death of Brian Pillman and the violent world of Nick Gage. So it’s a good opportunity to share our thoughts so far. Which also gives way to this episode’s “Turnbuckle Talk”. “Flyin” Brian Pillman has gone down in infamy for al the wrong reasons. But he’s had a pretty exciting and interesting career (to say the least) in the ring. We go over all the highlights from his brilliant rookie year all the way to the “Loose Cannon” in the WWF. As well, we go Wrestlemania Backlas and crown a new WNIC champion. So grab a cold one and join your cool buds from The Great White North, eh!

Wrestling Night in Canada 029

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