Wrestling Night in Canada 030: Play That Funky Music

In today’s pro wrestling world, ring entrance music’s making up a good portion of a wrestler’s identity. At one point it was a rarity. Now with such a strong emphasis on the televised presentation, every wrestler/faction has its own music as they strut their stuff to the ring. It can be very effective. But sometimes not so much. Music has always been subjective though. So for this episode’s “Turnbuckle Talk”, we give our Horns Up to some of the more iconic ring entrance tunes. As well, we discuss for WWF music composer Jim Johnston’s place the HOF. We go over AEW’s “Double Of Nothing” and the results of the WNIC championship. Finally we pay tribute to the late great Don Kernodle. So grab a beer and join your fave wrasslin’ hosers. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 030

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