Wrestling Night in Canada 031: What If?

In the Marvel comic book world, the series “What If?” was a unique title asking what would happen if a certain significant event never happened. The Wonderful World of Professional Wrestling its own significant events that helped shape and mold what we enjoy today. With the recent criticisms AEW has been taking for signing past WWE greats, its time to point out that league jumping has been going on since Man first stepped into the squared circle. WWE’s biggest stars were plying their trade elsewhere before coming to McMahonland. But, What If…say Steve Austin, Triple HHH and The Undertaker never made the jump from WCW? What would’ve happened in their careers. nd would the wrestling landscape look like today. We dive deep into these “What Ifs” in out “Turnbuckle Talk”. As well, we go over the NWAs exciting announcement of two upcoming PPV and that Wuertz guy. So grab a cold one and join us. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 031

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