Wrestling Night in Canada 036: Vinceisms

Sometimes we just don’t know what goes thru old Vinny Mac’s head. A whole new batch of “Vinceisms” have been unleashed, seemingly to terrorize his broadcast teams. Maybe it’s the stockholders. Maybe it’s The (Pea) Cock! Or maybe the rumours are true and vince has just lost his mind. But this latest batch of naughty words has us scratching our heads. “Blood”(!) “Belt/strap” (!!) “Wrestler/Wresling” (?!!?) Ok, vince, let’s get you bed now. Once we finished shaking our heads, we dive into AEW’s “All Out”, GCW’s “Art Of War Games”, and ROH’s “Death Before Dishonour” (to which we enlisted the expertise of superman Elizabeth Gorman.) As well, we get into The Dark Side of the Ring “Plane Ride From Hell” episode, the new NXT 2.0, and Big E’s title win! So grab a cold one and join your favourite Canadian hosers, eh!

Wrestling Night in Canada 036

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