Wrestling Night in Canada 037: “Regular Rules”

I guess we really are living PG 13 in Mcmahonland. We knew going into the “Extreme Rules” PPV that we were going to get a watered down version. But not a totally neutered event with nothing that makes this anything more than any other. So with that we dove into the “Regular Rules” special event. More importantly, we give the once over to the last couple of “Dark Side of the Ring” episodes feat. the tragic Chris Kanyon story and the real and original extremists FMW. Finally with the world developing into a more PC mindset, there are just some storylines/angles/characters that would just never fly in ’21. The wrestling world once thrived off homophobia, sexism and racism. In this week’s “Turnbuckle Talk” we do a deep dive into some of these. Some of these may surprise and shock you. So grab a cold one and join your fave Wrasslin’ hosers! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 037

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