Wrestling Night in Canada 038: Conryisms

Throughout his long, illustrious career, Jim Cornette was always in the thick of it. Wether it was managing in the NWA and WWF, running his own promotions (Smoky Mountain and Ohio Valley) or causing controversy in the broadcast booth. Now long retired, Cornette is still making waves on his hugely popular set of podcasts. Part of that success is his inability to hold his tongue and give his valuable 2cents. On a variety of topics you may agree with. Or might not agree with. This week we’re going go through the major “Cornyisms” and share where he has a point or where he needs to seek help. As well, we go over Impact’s “Knockouts Knockdown” special, the IWA “Deep Shit”, the woes of the DiBiase clan, and Smackdown/Rampage going head to head. So grab a cold one and join your three favourite hosers, eh. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 038

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