Wrestling Night in Canada 042: The Royal Fumble

The Royal Rumble is THE WWE event for us ’round here at the WNIC offices. We eagerly anticipate it and it always delivers the goods. Except this year! Between the terrible booking and predictable results, the 2022 Rumble got the Horns Down! In contrast, Game Changer Wrestling present their first official (traditional) PPV and appearance at the hallowed halls of The Hammerstein. An absolute humdinger of a show that still has fans waging their tongues. We do a deep dive into both events. As well, we discuss the ‘release’ of Shane McMahon. You gotta know his stuff wasn’t packed into a garbage bag. Or was “future endeavoured”. Finally in our “Turnbuckle Talk”, we discuss the little things, the familiar wrestling tropes that most take for granted as no real biggie. But have always gnawed at us. A real eye opening discussion for sure. So grab a cold one and join your “3/4 Horsemen Of The Apodcalypse”! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 042

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