Wrestling Night in Canada 043: The Good, The Bad And They’re All Ugly

This episode of WNIC, it’s the Battle Of The Big Men! Pro wrasslin’ is one of the few areas of entertainment where being a “Fat, out of shape” (Thank you, Rick Rude) individual could be advantageous. But just being big doesn’t always work. One still needs the fundamentals of wrestling as well. Some big men have excelled. While others…not so much. So this week we examine both sides. For every Andre, there was an El Gigante. For every Vader, there was a Norman The Lunatic. As well, we discuss Cody and brandi Rhodes leaving AEDub, Matt Cardona winning the NWA World strap and we pay tribute to the great Candi Devine (Rest In Power). So grab a cold one and join your favourite 3/4 Horsemen of the APODcalypse! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Wrestling Night in Canada 043

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