Wrestling Night in Canada 047: T And A 2022: Talent and Athletes.

Interest in women competing in the Squared Circle is at an all time high. Sparked by the Women’s Revolution, every major organization now has a strong roster of female athletes. More importantly, they’re being featured high atop the card now. It wasn’t always like this. During the territory days, women’s matches were seen as a gimmick. It was worse during the Monday Night Wars, with the ladies being reduced down to mere T and A. But those eras did supply us with some bonafide athletes. So this time ’round, we thought we’d discuss some of these special ladies that could compete with today’s high caliber wrasslers. It makes for an interesting list. As well, we discuss WWE Backlash, a new round of NXT releases, Aces and Eights (!!) and some off the rail chat about music and OnlyFans. So grab a cold one and join your 3/4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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