Wrestling Night in Canada 048: Secondary Title??!!

Sorry folks, a little late in getting this episode up. But it’s worth the wait. The World title in any organization is the top prize. Raising the championship belt after vanquishing the champion is the dream. But there have ben matches and angles where the secondary titles i.e. WWE/F Intercontinental and NWA/WCW US title have surpassed The Big One in terms of storytelling and fan interest. Steamboat/Savage at Mania 3 is widely considered the greatest match of all time. The Magnum/Nikita Great American Bash series had the sport on the edge of their seats. And Brett Hart/British Bulldog packed Wembley Stadium. So this time we’re doing a deep dive into into these amazing moments. As well we get into the mcmahon accusations, Jeff Hardy’s current woes, and pay tribute to two of the sport’s finest referees. So grab a beer and join your 3/4 Horsemen of the Apodcalypse. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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