Wrestling Night in Canada 049: “You’re… Retired!!”

The number one issue within the Wrasslin’ World is the retirement of Vince MacMahon. Recent sex scandals aside, Vinnie Mac has always been a controversial, and polarizing, figure. Fans that discovered pro wrestling with the WWF/E can have a favourable opinion of him. While the more old schoolers see him as the Devil Incarnate, destroying the once great sport of wrestling. Our Mom’s always said “Don’t speak ill of the dead.” So we wanted to get this Turnbuckle Talk out there before it was too late. We go in-depth of all our criticisms of MacMahon for his shady business tactics, his weird family angles, and The Owen incident. As well, we attended a recent TimeBomb Wrestling show. Afterward, we had the good fortune of speaking with Toronto death match wrestler Addy Starr. It was a real eye opening chat about women and this kind of extreme action. We also go over ROH’s Death Before Dishonour PPV, analyze Ric Flair’s Final Match and card and the new TV 14 idea. Whew! So grab a cold one and join your 3/4 Horsemen of the Apodcalypse. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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