King of Indies Podcast Ep. 1

The legendary independent wrestling tournament now has it’s own podcast, as part of The Shining Wizards Podcast network! Hosted by ya boy “KG” Kevin Gill of Kevin Gill Show and Juggalo Championship Wrestling, our first episode brings together the 3 individuals behind the 2015 return of the King Of Indies tournament to talk super in depth about the tournament’s past, present, and future, their history, Roland Alexander, California, working with WWN Live, exclusive announcement of two new entrants into the 16 man tournament. Markus Mack (All Pro Wrestling) and Gabe Ramirez (Pro Wrestling Revolution) hold nothing back, and share some laughs, some emotions, and some insight into the whole process. Join us as we journey down the road to Wrestlemania Weekend!!! We’ll see you at ringside, homies!!!

Episode 1

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