Radioactive Metal 506: Magical Metal Dust

US heavy hitters SEVENDUST are a rock n’ roll survival story. A product (or victim) of the era, the band was unjustifiably lumped into the whole “nu” metal thing. But now, more than two decades later, Sevendust is still going strong while most of their counterparts disappeared or became irrelevant. Their new opus “All I See Is War” is still fresh on the new release rack. It’s a killer record that proves why they’ve maintained their position. A busy man on the promotional front, cofounder/axeman Clint Lowery was quick to chat. He shared his thoughts on the new record, 7Dust yesterday and today, and the overall longevity of the band. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we discussed hockey playoffs spoiling rock concerts, mobile record store (!!), and had an interesting chat regarding gold/platinum records in 2018. Musically we crank the new ‘Dust, SAVAGE MASTER, BEWITCHER, and the new AT THE GATES! Horns!!

Radioactive Metal 506

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