Radioactive Metal 511: Eh! Glo Abortions

This was one of those happy accidents. This episode was recorded just days before July 1st (aka Canada Day, eh). It just so happened that we had a Canadian legend waiting in the wings… Murray The Cretin of the legendary punk rockers DAYGLO ABORTIONS!! Murray has proven to be the kind of guy that definitely has something to say. What was supposed to be a “quick chat” went into a few extra innings once Mr. Cretin got warmed up. We spoke of everything in the DayGlo camp and the state of the world at large. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we get a first hand reminder of “fangirling”. Musically, we crank some classic DayGlos, new WOLVHAMMER and SLAPSHOT, and some SEBASTIAN BACH. Horns!

Radioactive Metal 511

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