Radioactive Metal 514: Mighty Mince

What has Agathocles wrought??!! The aggressive music underground has many sub-genres. Each of these has the potential to produce to their own sub-sub-genre. All it takes is the right band at the right moment with enough influence and they can kickstart the whole she-bang. Welcome to Mincecore! Oakland’s HAGGUS took the Agathocles/mincecore blueprint, gorified it up a bit, and ran with it. Now, the power trio of putridity is at the forefront of the mincecore sub-sub-genre. We caught up with axe/vox Hambone after a recent basement gig. Minus the black mask (no pics, we play up the gimmick here), we had a quick chat about their debut full-lengther, their unique gigs, and what exactly is mincecore is. Also, we’re thrilled that RAM social media dude Will Mercier (“Big Willy” to us) came out from hiding and joined the fun for this week’s News, Views, and Tunes. We discussed metal related pro wrasslin’, our experiences with the aforementioned basement shows, and all our happenings on the live front. Musically, we crank the new Haggus, classic ABSCESS, and the new HOODED MENACE. Whew! Horns to a packed show.

Radioactive Metal 514

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