Radioactive Metal 517: Season of Sarah

This week we found a bright, shiny diamond in the rough. Canadian tech deathsters Archspire recently came through town. Sharing the stage was newly signed Season of Mist label mate SARAH LONGFIELD. To the uninitiated, Miss Longfield made her mark as a YouTube vlogger, showcasing her amazing skill as a prog guitarist with a huge love of Metal. Now with the mighty Mist behind her, this venomous virtuoso is ready to conquer the world! We pick her brain and get into all the whys, whens, hows, particularly being Season’s sore thumb. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we discuss how age is truly just a number. Musically, we showcase Miss Longfield’s diversity and get a bit “hairy” with WOLF KING, WOLFBLOOD, and DEE F’N SNIDER! Horns!!

Radioactive Metal 517

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