Radioactive Metal 525: Coming Up From Cali -Excel Interview

Good things may indeed come to those who wait. But when it comes to kick ass ‘Creature Features” the sooner, the better. Crossover legends Excel go back to the mid 80s from the famed hardcore and skate scenes of Venice Beach, Cali! Vocalist Dan Clements was right in the thick of things from Day One all the way to their recent appearance in town for the SOS Fest! We had a long overdue chat with a dude who had a lot to get off his chest. We had a chat that wavered from the light and bouncy to the rather intense then back again. We spoke of Excel’s reunion of sorts and his skating in 2018. Of course the elephant in the living room was the whole “Sandman” thingy. An Excel – ent conversation not to be missed! In our “News, Views, and Tunes!” we share stories from the live front and crank some classic Excel and new stuff from Behemoth, Acid Witch, Horrendous, and Neckbeard Deathcamp!! Horns!!

Radioactive Metal 525

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