Radioactive Metal 526: The Imperial March

NY black metallers can be described a lot of different ways. Neo classical, avant garde, technical, all ’round bizarro come to mind. We just call it G.F.M. – Good Fuckin’ Metal/Music!! This helacious trio are currrently terrorizing the nation on tour supporting their latest effort “Vile Luxury”. Our newest RAMMer, “Big Willy”, had his interview baptism of fire we he sat down with all three ITers: Ilya (axe, vox), bassist Steve Blanco, and skinsman Kenny Grohowski. Not to be outdone by the rook, Coreen contributed her own cool chat with returning RAM alum A Feasting Beast in an “Extended Indie Spotlight”. In our “News, Views, and Tunes” we provide a PSA regarding respecting the women of the scene following a recent incident. Musically, we crank our guests plus new tunes from Terrorizer, Striker, and Extremity! Horns!!

Radioactive Metal 526

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