Radioactive Metal 528: Significant Betters

The Music Biz has more than its share of unsung heroes. This day and age to “make it” in the Metal World a band has to be constantly out on the road. Just like any other form of entertainment, more often than not, the artist leaves their spouse at home while he/she pursues the Rock n Roll dream. Very seldom is the story of these significant others ever heard. “Blue” Spinazola (Fit For An Autopsy, Dysentery) is one of those road warriors and a good friend of the show. A package deal with “Blue” is his girlfriend Caitlin. She’s a perfect candidate to represent this silent, but important, group. We had an awesome chat with Caitlin discussing dealing with him on the road and all the trials and tribulations it brings. Words of wisdom you won’t soon forget. In our ‘News, Views, and Tunes”, we had a unique chat with none other than Micheal Myers about his new, smash “Halloween” film. As well, we get into Disturbed piercings, Marilyn Manson dildos, and the recent success of the returning As I Lay Dying. Musically we crank new tunes from Marduk, Craft, Blood Of The Wolf, and introduce Ottawa’s Ominous Eclipse in our “Indie Spotlight”. Horns!!

Radioactive Metal 528

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