Radioactive Metal 545: Leader Of The Brand – interview with filmmaker Bob Nalbandian

Once again an old comrade (a friendship as old as RAM itself) joins us. Bob Nalbandian was our very first interview and its been a pleasure speaking with him over the years. Mr. Nalbandian has been the Man About MetalTown. He’s worked as a journalist, DJ, podcaster and now, most recently, film documentarian producing his fabulous “Inside Metal” series. His most recent project “Band Vs. Brand” deals with a controversial subject today. When does a band become a brand? Commerce over art and integrity? This film gets the 411 right from the various sources currently embroiled in the craziness. And Bob shares all with us. In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we chime in with our thoughts on the matter particularly with the recent Static X and Doyle issues. Musically, we crank new tunes from Venom Prison, Insanity Alert, Primitive Man, and we introduce Canadian bashers Culled in our “Indie Spotlight”. Horns!

Radioactive Metal 545

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