Radioactive Metal 589: The 2019 Rammy Awards

It’s that time again! 2019 is officially in the books. So now its time to look back, laugh, and reflect. Here at RAM it’s tradition to do so with our annual Rammy Awards. Heavy Metal fans have little regard for award shows (esp. after the ’88 Jethro Tull debacle). Our beloved music is generally poorly received and not given it’s due respect. This year end award show is Guaran – damn -teed to give the Devil it’s due. Basically, the Rammies (Radio Active Metal…RAM…RAMmy…we’re so clever) is when we sit down with some bevvies and share some of our faves of 2019 in the key categories that mean the most to Metalheads. Categories like Artist, Album, Song, Live, and, of course, our Hall of Fame inductees. So grab a celebratory cold one of your own and enjoy the year that was thru our twisted eyes and ears. Horns!!

Radioactive Metal 589

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