Radioactive Metal 590: A Show of Fans – Band Spotlight feat. Rush

The music world mourned the recent passing of the legendary Neil Peart. For decades the rabid fanbase of the almighty Rush spanned not only rock fans in general but included 80s normies to death metallers and punks of today. Now is the time to properly pay tribute to the Canadian wonder boys with a traditional Spotlight episode. To help us we’ve enlisted the expertise of one Mark Buell. Mr. Buell is the Regional Bureau Director for the North American Internet Society. More importantly, he’s been a good friend of ours since we were a mere 8 yrs old. Even more importantly, he’s been a Rush aficionado for four decades!! So we’re stoked to discuss all things Rush including the legacy of Mr. Peart, all our faves in the Rush discog and their illustrious career in general. We just wish it was under better circumstances. Around here Rush will always be the Rush of the music world.

Radioactive Metal 590

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