Radioactive Metal 592: One Big Fix

Simple enough this week. We found ourselves looking to take the week off. It gave us a long over due chance to kick back, pour some Lemmys, and just talk Metalshop. All in between a Fistful of Metal. Something we’d be doing tonight anyway so we might as well press “record”. We recall our amazing night of punk rock and skateboarding at the Scam Jam 6 festival. As all we pay tribute to Josh Pappe (Rest In Power) and address our recent rash of dick pics on snapchat!! All to a most wicked soundtrack including Anvil, God Dethroned, Haunt, Wake, Cianide, Wombbath, Torpedo, D.R.I., JFA, D.B.S., and Slave One!! Horns!!

Radioactive Metal 592

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