Radioactive Metal: Valentine’s Day Massacre

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bros and Bras!! In honour of this sacred day of love, we here at Radioactive Metal are presenting this special gift of the rebooting of our “Valentine’s Day Massacre” episode. We’re basically celebrating the occasion in our own sick, twisted way. First up we had a fantastic chat with local Heavy Metal model Krystal Vandalism. “Special K” is a good friend of the show and brings her own cool story to the table. Over a couple adult bevies, Miss. Vandalism shares with us the good, the bad, and the ugly of the modelling world. And of course, we share our mutual love of Metal! As well, we (re)introduce the Metal world to The Mentors (!), learn what a “blumpkin” is, and play a rather rousing game of F.M.K. Musically, we crank some Vaultwraith, Festerday, some new Mentors, Homewrecker, F.Y.P.M., Tony Reed, Vesication, Elbow Deep, and Blumpkin Spice Latte! So press play, cuddle up with that special someone, and pray your relationship survives this episode! Luv Always, The Dudes and Dudette at Radioactive Metal

Radioactive Metal

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