Shining Wizards 301: Matt Riddle is My Bro

Tony, Kevin, and Matt kick off the night with the Hardys and Drew Galloway leaving Impact Wrestling. Another installment of Meh, TNA brings out some of the really bad, but make no mistake, the wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Von Ness is awesomeness personified! For the second half of…

Neckbreaker 114: Angra / Capitol Wrestling

Brian talks to the legendary power metal band Angra aboard 70000tons! They discuss the evolution of power metal, having their own beer, and more. Later the news panel with guest cohost Greg Massi covers New Japan, Nile, and more. The show closes up with Capitol Wrestling co-creators Matt and Marcus….

Neckbreaker 103: Hammer Fight

Brian interviews Drew, Todd, Dan, and Justin from Hammer Fight. They share tour stories, talk about playing Full Terror Assault, and much more. Later, the wrestling panel with Sir Kessaris and guest cohost Corey Lucas give some show updates and cover the latest wrestling headlines. Neckbreaker 103

Neckbreaker Ep. 099: Parasitic Ejaculation

Brian interviews Jon, Josh, and Parker from the death metal band Parasitic Ejaculation! They discuss their recent tour with Dysentery, the west coast metal scene, playing in Asia, and much more. Later, John and Chris join the news panel to discuss FinalDeletion, Brock Lesnar, the Cruiserweight Classic, and more. Episode…

Neckbreaker Ep. 093: WrestleMania 32 Preview

Our 4th annual Wrestlemania preview episode! Hosts Brian, John, and Sir Kessaris join Chris Alfieri from Vattnet Viskar and Wrestlemania experts Corey Dimick and Corey Lucas to predict the outcomes of the matches, discuss the booking for the event, drink beers, and cover the latest pro wrestling headlines. Episode 093

Shining Wizards Ep. 244: Asholo

Tony, Eddie, and Matt head back to Studio A, and with the growing list of injuries and the health turns of Bret Hart and Blackjack Mulligan, most of the news is not happy. However, Eddie Edwards of the Wolves helps the boys kick off Tag Team Month with a bang,…

Shining Wizards Ep. 241: Demasculating

t’s the next chapter of the Versus series, as Player Uno from Smash Wrestling goes head-to-head with Combat Zone’s Pepper Parks. Jake “Manscout” Manning calls in as the boys welcome his podcast “Stranger in a Southern Land” to the Shining Wizards Network. Vince gets horny for men and women, New…